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Source: Rüdiger W. Schwarz

Download the questionnaire for 

WMS complexity analysis for your warehouse

Letter of acceptance:

The above data is collected in order to be able to carry out a complexity analysis of your warehouse as precisely as possible. The data is also required to check the data entered for plausibility and to contact you if you have any questions. In addition, the selected company data - anonymized - is used for benchmarking and statistical analysis.  Personal data will not be processed unless you expressly consent to further processing by us elsewhere. Any use of personal data takes place only for the stated purposes and to the extent necessary to achieve these purposes.

WMS complexity analysis

Quick Scan WMS Complexity

Please use our Excel questionnaire for the complexity analysis to identify the benefit drivers for your WMS project now:  

+ Complexity of warehouse structures

+ Complexity of warehouse processes 

+ Complexity of the system landscape

+ Complexity of the project environment  


In this way, we can tailor our services individually to your project and you will receive a neutral WMS benchmark in the offer. 

Please send us the completed questionnaire for your request on the left  simply send an email to in parallel.  


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