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Test LVS WMS TMS logistics software training configuration training
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Your logistics software will be a success, because we test it professionally and train your team.

Customer, owner, user

+ Accompany software procurement

+ Hardware selection (server,

   Terminals, label printers)

+ Dimensioning hardware

   and network, user (sizing)

+ Delivery and provision

+ Clarify details of the design phase

+ Development accompanying  Testing

+ Simulation  or emulation

+ Code delivery strategy

   (Packages, patches, releases)

+ Adaptation of WMS, ERP, TMS,    

   accompanied by SW parties

+ Perform factory acceptance


+ Master data cleansing 

+ Master data enhancement

+ Ranges of values  Parameters 

+ Roles, users and  Calculated

   raise and maintain activities 

+ Pressure  individual label and

   Configure lists

+ Configuration progress


+ Configuration guide   


+ Test objects + fix test goals

+ Create test concept (script).

+ Establish test procedures

+ Create test organization

+ Train the test team

+ Create test cases

+ Generate test data

+ Coordinate tests

+ Run tests

+ Function tests, system tests

+ Integration tests

+ System operational tests

+ Emulation tests

+ Migration tests

+ Load / performance tests

+ Regression tests

+ Availability tests

+ Approval

+ Formal acceptance

+ Analyze training needs

+ Identify multipliers

+ Coaching for your project team

   (Creation of specifications, test

   case creation, test execution,  

   Training documents, support) 

+ Define training content

+ Create training documents. 

+ PC-based self-study courses

+ Exercises for the training system

+ Training plan per participant

+ Training in the classroom

+ Training courses in the warehouse

+ Training success  check

+ Refresher courses  

5. Accompany software development

The result is the factory acceptance test, which certifies the maturity before delivery.

Our services

  • Accompany the procurement of software licenses through technical purchasing

  • Hardware selection (servers, terminals, on-board units, printers, etc.)

  • Support in dimensioning hardware and network (sizing)

  • Monitor delivery and provision of all components

  • Clarify details of the software design phase

  • Monitor development tests

  • Manage the deployment of the system environments

  • Plan and control development-accompanying simulations or emulations

  • Define code delivery for necessary additional developments, patches, releases

  • Individual adaptations of the SW parties accompany and

  • Perform factory acceptance

Your benefit

We take on the quality assurance measures for you during development and ensure code reviews and unit tests for the developers. In addition, technical and organizational prerequisites for tests and emulation or integration with other IT systems must be created, which we actively support.


We also ensure the optimal procurement and provision of software, hardware and network and their correct delivery and proper installation.
In addition, we regularly carry out controls on the development progress, which end in the factory acceptance, which certifies the maturity before delivery, since all unit tests are carried out by the software house + are documented.


5. Accompany software development
5. Accompany software development.png

6. Provide and configure software

The result of the phase is your logistics software configured for operation and ready for testing.

Our services

  • Have the configuration trained according to the guidelines

  • Derive + assign configuration tasks

  • Clarify the values of configuration parameters for structure parameters (storage areas, ...), strategies, threshold values, dependencies, interface parameters, roles / authorizations

  • Document the configuration for each system 

  • Monitor configuration progress iteratively

  • Have the system configuration approved by the software supplier or internal owner 

  • Plan for master data cleansing early 

  • Master data enhancements e.g. for storage locations, address master, tariffs, routes, etc.

  • Duplicate cleaning using database tools

Your benefit

We manage the system configuration and clarify parameters in the value areas so that your software can be set by key users and IT administrators.


As soon as your logistics software is installed, the configuration can begin using sets of rules. This includes, for example, the derivation and maintenance of storage locations, transport relations and peripheral devices such as scanners and printers for your lists and labels. We pay attention to the completeness and documentation of these settings for each baseline.  


To strengthen the master data , we can help with database tools and students, which accelerates the maintenance of the article master or roles and authorizations.

Provide / configure software
6 Provision and configure software WMS TMS ERP SCM YMS LVS EWM

7. Perform software tests

The result of the phase is the approval for pilot operation and commissioning.

Our services

  • Fix test objects and test goals

  • Create a test concept (script)

  • Establish test procedures

  • Create test organization

  • Train the test team for tests

  • Create test cases

  • Generate test data

  • Coordinate tests

  • Carry out tests (GUI and function tests, interface tests, integration tests, system operation tests, emulation tests, migration tests, load / performance tests, regression tests, system network tests / availability tests

  • Give approval

  • Record claims for defects

Your benefit

For quality assurance purposes , we offer you tests based on a test script that has been created beforehand and which systematically lists all content-related and organizational aspects of the test phases. 

We take on the creation of test cases using decision tables and heuristics. We then train your key users to test them. Our parallel test coordination with professional test tools such as HPQC, OTM, etc., ensures efficient execution of the tests, the test results of which we evaluate and, in the event of deficiencies, have them remedied + regressions until they are practical.  

If storage / conveyor technology is controlled, a system network test must also be provided. The formal acceptance should only take place after an availability test with 100 + x% operating load has been carried out successfully.


7. Test software.png

8. Carry out training for employees

The results of the training + coaching are well-trained employees on site.

Our services

  • Identify employees as multipliers

  • Individual training for your project team: 
    - Write specifications correctly
    - Develop test cases
    - Perform tests efficiently
    - Prepare training documents
    - Provide support in the warehouse

  • Analyze training needs

  • Define training content for each role

  • Create training documents

  • Create video-based self-study courses

  • Create a training plan for each participant

  • Carry out training courses on the site 

  • Create exercises for the training system

  • Schedule repeat training

  • Check training success

Your benefit

The training courses offered by many logistics software providers are aimed at academics, but not for employees on the shop floor. With training courses for multipliers / key users , we pass on our know-how from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce adult education in a concentrated manner in order to write specifications yourself, develop test cases, carry out tests efficiently or hold trainings in the warehouse as multipliers themselves and create video instructions .  


We are happy to take over the hourly training planning for modules and users, including alternative and repeat training.  


Every software can only be as good as it is understood by users and used correctly, which is why we support them with exercises and check the success of the training before go-live.

8.Conduct training WMS TMS LVS ERP SCM YMS MFS EWM

Accompany SW development

Configure software

Perform software tests

Train employees

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