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Benefit optimization Logistics Software Warehouse Transport WMS TMS MES ERP Benefits Managemnt ROI

We measure and optimize to ensure that your software is used as planned.

Customer, owner, user

+ Data migration for root and

   Design movement data

+ Design system migration

+ Carry out cut-over planning

+ Inventory comparison or initial

   Inventory in new WMS or

   work-in-progress demarcation      for transports in the TMS

+ Relocation planning at local or

   Support change of operator

+ Handover to administration

   and accompany IT support

+ Information events in

   Warehouses or shipping offices 

+ Plan operational go-live

+ Checklists for go-live

+ Go live

+ On-site support 

+ Remote support 

+ Statistics evaluations FMEA  

+ Monthly performance measurement

   as performance reviews

+ Time series observation of the    

   WMS / TMS performance indicators

+ Development of cost-benefit

+ Implement cost-benefit sharing

+ Develop countermeasures

+ Evaluate countermeasures

   after quick wins and big wins

+  Initiate measures until ROI   

   after 6, 12, 18 months or

   defined effects in the income statement

   are visibly achieved.   

Ensure software benefits

9. Put the software into operation

The result of this phase is the approved software during operation. 

Our services

  • Conception and migration of master and movement data and the surrounding systems 

  • Support with inventory comparison, initial inventory and work-in-progress

  • Delimitation in particular in the case of transports lasting several days

  • Plan, actively support and check relocation in the event of a change of location and / or operator

  • Handover to administration and accompanying your own 1st and 2nd level support

  • Plan cut-over activities and create checklists for the go-live date 

  • Hold information events

  • Perform go-live
    On-site and / or remote support

  • Statistical evaluations and FMEA for the identification of

  • Document the causes of errors and claims for defects

Your benefits

Before the software is commissioned , migrations, changes of operator or relocations may be necessary and 1st + 2nd level support has to be established. We support you from the strategy to the operational implementation on site in order to reduce the risks for you and to bridge capacity bottlenecks in the most intensive phase.
As part of the start-up management after the go-live, we support you in multiple shifts until the required throughput is reached and your day-to-day business is in full swing.


After commissioning, an acceptance must be issued. For this purpose, we check the delivery items for completeness and record defects and warranty claims so that you can give the acceptance.  


9. Put the software into operation
Software commissioning

10. Ensure software benefits

The result is the verified profitability (ROI) after 6, 12 + 18 months.

Our services

  • Monthly performance measurements of cost and benefit-relevant key figures

  • Maintain time series development of these key figures in the cost-benefit statistics in + Benefit software for ROI evidence

  • Identify optimization measures

  • Carry out optimization measures so that ROI occurs after 6, 12, 18 months 

  • Ensure the effectiveness of the effects in the income statement together

Your benefits

With the use of your new logistics software, deviations and changes from the original target gradually creep in, which you can help mitigate through targeted performance measurements of key figures.  


In short, monthly audits, we collect the development of the key figures contractually agreed with the software house in the potential analysis and in the cost-benefit sharing agreement, along with their time series development.


Together with you , identify and evaluate optimization measures in order to improve the use of your software in such a way that the originally planned effects are reflected in the income statement after 6, 12 and 18 months and you also realize the ROI.  


10. Ensure software benefits
Ensure benefits

Put the software into operation

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