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How do you realize the ROI in your IT projects?

Benefits Realization Management


With a unique combination of active methods for cost-benefit-mana-gement, we support you in your next software projects as 

your project partner to realize benefits out of your IT investments.  

We accompany you in 8 steps before, during and after your project until the calculated ROI is realized after 6, 12 + 18 months. Promised.


Our knowledge database +Benefit, which we host and operate for you with exclusive data in the EU, supports you in this. 


In this way, we offer you security for your budget planning, ensure comprehensibly documented investment decisions via profitability analyses with ROI, NPV, EBIT and then control benefits realisation of your projects, because these should pay off in operations, balance sheet + P&L for owners, customers + employees.

8 steps to a project with ROI

Determine project goals + scope of your profitability analysis

Maintain project data for ROI analysis
1 goals.png

Our preliminary consultation (free + online + any time)

We get to know each other in a preliminary discussion about your investment or rationalization project. Please explain to us which IT projects require a cost-benefit analysis and what your Decision needswould be. These can be, for example, questions such as make-or-buy, in- or outsourcing, central versus decentralized, standard or individual, provider A, B or C or all at the same time. Sometimes a cost comparison calculation is enough, but usually a whole business case with ROI is needed, which is then checked during the project. 

Once we have understood your needs and we are sure that we can help you, we will keep within the framework and parameters of yoursEconomic considerationsstraight away:

  1. Which IT solutions, which processes within them + which structures in the environment should be analyzed for costs and benefits?

  2. What useful life, interest rate and budget have you roughly estimated and what are your project assumptions?

  3. Who will benefit from this and who will take part in the following workshops?

+Benefit Group Rüdiger W. Schwarz
Benefit Group Workshop 1
+Benefit Group ROI analysis

Project charter for accompanying ROI analysis

Once the project data has been initially recorded in +Benefit know-ledge database that was created for you, we can issue the project charter for a series of workshops for your ROI analysis as a PDF. Having this you can invite all participants to the first treasure hunt workshop via email and proceed to step 2. 

Invest now for 30 minutes in our short preliminary talk

(free + online + anytime) 

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