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Fixed price offer + ROI bonus only on success!

Every project is individual - of course. However, our 8 steps to guaranteed ROI are methodically standardised so that we can provide you with a fixed price offer plus travel expenses + VAT for the first 6 steps required by you up to the ROI statement of your project after our preliminary discussion: 

Sparschwein grün
bis 100.000 €
5.000 €
bis 500.000 €
20.000 €
bis 1.000.000 €
30.000 €
bis 2.000.000 €
50.000 €
bis 3.000.000 €
66.000 €
bis 5.000.000 €
90.000 €


To this end, we support you in drawing up your project charter, discover and evaluate the monetary potential of your IT project with your team, estimate the costs together using the TCO model for up to 3 alternative solutions, and carry out a benefit and risk assessment of the 3 alternatives with your team. Finally, we calculate  solutions profitability and support you in presenting the recommended action plan to your top management. This is how we can help you get the budget for your project approved.

Supplementary option 1: Ongoing project success controlling

In addition, we are available to support you as a cost-benefit manager for a few hours per month during your project: We collect all actual cost values, monitor trends and deviations over time and actively coach you and your IT partners during the project so that important benefits are realised as we have previously identified and quantified them together.

Supplementary option 2: Benefit realisation/optimisation with ROI guarantee
Once your new IT solution has gone live, we support you in realising and optimising the benefits until the previously calculated ROI has been achieved. To do this, we measure whether and how the potential benefits planned in advance are being realised by the beneficiaries or where there are still areas for optimisation in the software, the processes or the organisation in order to reap the ROI. We are only satisfied when the effects are reliably reflected in your balance sheet and profit and loss account. You then reward us with a performance-related 3% ROI bonus on the ROI actually realised. This is how fair project partnership works today. 

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