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Zoho Projects

Use + Projectit as a platform for your WMS or TMS project with processes and templates 

Your project management platform is already online!

On the basis of the excellent project management platform Zoho Projects, we have preconfigured your IT project for the implementation of your logistics software with activities, templates and roles so that you can start working together immediately. As part of the joint project, we simply connect you and the project team. Let us under our  Online demo  to do this, start immediately with the situation analysis. 

Manage tasks and progress

Record, plan and assign tasks to employees using lists, KanBan and so you can see via tags, status and degrees of completion how tasks, team and the whole project are progressing. You can see whether the work can be completed in the intended duration or whether you have to react with countermeasures.

Interactive project Gantt chart

We maintain the project plans interactively with you online: Your project team has this  the current view at any time. As you work on tasks, the project plan is automatically updated in real time.

Employee time recording

It has never been easier to keep track of your team's time on your projects and on the right tasks. Determine whether times need to be released before they can be calculated.

Real collaboration tools

Communicate in the project team directly via the built-in chat. Organize your activities using a to-do list and team calendar. And share the project documents directly on the platform. You don't feel like that  Lost information.  

Project management becomes mobile

You can also edit tasks, view calendars and record times while on the go, because the Zoho Projects app for Android or Apple smartphones offers you most of it safely when you are on the go.  

Dashboards from your live data

Intuitive dashboard widgets help us to monitor tasks, teams, costs and risks. Drill-downs help to analyze the cause. Create status reports at the push of a button and export them to PDF, Word or Excel for documentation or presentation.  

Projects Dashboard + Mobile App
Projectit Tasks Kanban
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